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By Cheryl Ann Hull, MD, FAAD
November 20, 2019
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How your dermatologist in Rogers, AR, can help with rosacea

Are you suffering from a red rash that won't go away? They can also be a chronic condition known as rosacea. Fortunately, your rosaceadermatologist can help—Dr. Cheryl A. Hull of Northwest Arkansas Clinical Trials Center in Rogers, AR, can help with rosacea and other skin conditions.

These are just a few frequently asked questions and answers about rosacea:

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a bright red rash that covers your face. It can cover your nose, cheeks, and forehead and can resemble acne, with small blemishes.

What are the symptoms of rosacea?

In addition to a red rash, your skin might feel painful and hot. The center of your face might be chronically red, with swollen bumps that can contain pus. The skin on your nose might look enlarged and thickened. Your eyes might be irritated and dry.

What are some of the factors that increase risk of developing rosacea?

You are at a higher risk of rosacea if you are a woman, have fair skin, and are over 30 years old. Having a family history of rosacea and smoking also increases your risk of rosacea.

What can bring on a rosacea rash?

There are several things that can trigger a breakout of rosacea. Eating spicy, hot foods, drinking hot beverages, and drinking alcohol can aggravate rosacea. The environment, including extremes in temperature, excessive sunlight, or wind can also bring on rosacea. If you exercise, increased activity can also cause a rosacea breakout.

How is rosacea treated?

Your dermatologist has several effective treatments to manage rosacea including a focused skincare regimen combined with medications. Laser therapy, including intense pulsed light therapy, dermabrasion, antibiotics, and anti-redness topical medications are also effective treatments to manage rosacea.

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