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By Cheryl Ann Hull, MD, FAAD
March 10, 2020
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Our clinical research programs could help you find a more effective acne solution.

Acne is one of the most common skin problems that is treated by our Rogers, AR, dermatologist, Dr. Cheryl Hull. Although often associated with teenagers, pervasive acne also has the ability to impact children and adults, as well. Fortunately, no matter your age or the type of acne that you’re dealing with, we have the ability to help—read on to learn how.

How do I know that I have acne?

While this may seem like a silly question, it really isn’t. After all, there are other dermatological conditions that can also produce red bumps such as rosacea and psoriasis. Therefore, if this is the first time dealing with severe acne and you’ve never been properly diagnosed before, then now is the time to turn to our Rogers, AR, skin doctor to find out if acne is truly what you’re dealing with.

What are the different kinds of acne?

Acne comes in many different forms, from whiteheads and blackheads to deep, painful nodules; however, acne is also placed into two categories, inflammatory and non-inflammatory. Non-inflammatory acne includes the standard whiteheads and blackheads that most people deal with at some point during their lifetime, while inflammatory acne consists of severe, deep cysts that are typically quite painful and don’t respond well to standard over-the-counter acne treatments.

What if I have inflammatory acne?

No matter what kind of acne you’re dealing with, our dermatological team understands that treating the problem isn’t always simple. What treatment might work well for one patient may not work well for someone else. A lot has to do with the cause of your acne.

For example, teenage girls who experience breakouts around their menstrual cycles may experience clearer skin with the help of birth control pills, while other patients who are dealing with severe cystic acne may only find relief through stronger medications such as isotretinoin (known on the market as Accutane).

How can Northwest AR Clinical Trials Center help?

Along with running Hull Dermatology, Dr. Hull is also the medical director of our clinical trials center in Rogers, AR. Here, our team is focused on addressing some of the biggest skin problems today, including severe acne and psoriasis. These clinical trials can provide you with emerging medications and therapies that could finally help you achieve clearer skin. If you want to learn if you are eligible to participate in our acne study, then fill out our clinical trials interest form to get started.

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Northwest AR Clinical Trials Center in Rogers, AR, offers acne and psoriasis clinical research studies to test out investigational topical medications to manage these common skin conditions. To learn more about these clinical research studies on acne and psoriasis, or to find out if you’re a good participant, call our office today at (479) 876-8205.

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